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Yuvi Panda


Painless web maps with Leaflet.js

Submitted Aug 19, 2012

Introduce the Audience to Leaflet.js, a nicely designed Javascript library for displaying maps. Show off what is possible - from the basics (Showing maps, controls, markers) to advanced usage (Overlays, Editing, Plugins, Mobile). Fawn over the simplicity of the API.


  • Introduce Leaflet.js, breeze through mapping fundamentals
  • Show off some of the more advanced Leaflet.js features (Overlays, Editing, etc)
  • Talk about major pain points when using Leaflet.js

I’ll use demos much more than slides, and occasionally show a little snippet of code to demonstrate the utter simplicity of the Leaflet.js API


A working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript required. Prior usage of maps (not necessarily as a developer) assumed.

Speaker bio

Yuvi Panda is a 21 year old open source geek who chases shiny new things way too often. He wrote major parts of the Wikipedia Android/iOS app (which included a mapping component), and the upcoming Wiki Loves Monument app (which has a major mapping component). He’s also written POSM, a nice mobile editor for OSM. Amongst his hobbies is taunting people who still use OpenLayers. He’s currently a student at KCG College of Technology.


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