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Rajath Kedilaya


Map My Ride

Submitted Aug 22, 2012

There’s more to taxis than taking your drunken-self home. This session should tell you why!


Taxis are ubiquitous in a typical urban landscape, across the world. Until now, they have only been seen as just another mode of transport. But the proliferation of cheap location-tracking devices has pushed them to be a major source of data. But how useful is this data, and how it can contribute to the mapping community?
In this talk, we will look at insights we can derive from these meandering taxis. We will also briefly look at what we are building at YourCabs, and the challenges we face. This will be an introductory talk, trying to look at the bigger picture and skimming through the technical aspects.


An open mind along with questions, advice and criticism.

Speaker bio

Rajath (@rajathkedi) is the co-founder of YourCabs and an amateur mapping enthusiast. He dabbles with openstreetmaps during his travel, but is eager to bring more to the table through his startup.
Or, this could just be one of his efforts to display how cool car-rental companies can be!


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