Cartonama Conference

Making the most of geospatial data, community mapping, and location-based services.



Building a location-based platform/application from Zero.

Submitted Sep 3, 2012

One can expect the following:

  1. How to store, index and query the geo-spatial (location) data, taking Mongo DB, one of the most popular open source databases, as an example.
  2. Challenges and Best practices in developing a location-based application, based on our experience in developing DelightCircle android application.


The talk will be based on my experience in developing DelightCircle location-based platform and applications, so I will be showing important aspects of the technologies we have used, and the challenges faced.

I will be using MongoDB as the storage medium for the location data, and DelightCircle android app as the frontend client to explain the flow.

The talk will mainly contain the following:

  1. How to structure, store and index the location data. This will also depend on how you want to query the data.
  2. What are the different ways you can query location data (not just nearby, based on a polygon, circle, etc.)
  3. Introduce how android gets location data, and the best practices in obtaining the location data from various location providers of android platform.


A basic idea of geo data and location-based applications.

Speaker bio

I am the Co-founder of Pipal Tech Ventures/DelightCircle (
I am also the founder & co-organizer of Bangalore MongoDB User Group (


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