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The basic cartography workshop

Submitted by Arun Ganesh (@planemad) on Aug 7, 2012

Section: Technology Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Workshop Status: Submitted


The basic cartography workshop gives participants an overview of GIS concepts, mapping and hands on knowledge in using free and open source digital cartography tools. You will also learn about copyleft licenses and how to add your work to wikipedia.



  1. Open source community, licenses, digital cartography and the openstreetmap (OSM) project. 30 mins

Basics of GIS

  1. GIS concepts and OSM model. 30 mins
  2. Field mapping. 1:30 hours
  3. Editing and uploading data to OSM. 1 hour

Geovisualization and cartography

  1. Presentation on OSM , open source GIS tools and open geodata. 30mins
  2. Extracting and processing data from OSM, rendering tools: Maperitive, Tilemill, QuantumGIS. 1hour
  3. Styling and rendering your first map. 1hour
  4. Add your map to a wikipedia article. 30mins


Iinternet connection Projector Access to a B/W A4 printer Whiteboard/Blackboard to write stuff and plan

Speaker bio

Arun Ganesh has been reading atlases since childhood and loves to understand the earth using charts and diagrams. His belief in the benefit of open knowledge has resulted in a large number of contributions to Wikipedia and the OpenStreetMap Project which have now trickled into numerous spots in the physical world.



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