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Gaurav Lochan

Gaurav Lochan


Now, to build location based services on Android...

Submitted Aug 10, 2012

Introduce audience to the location based services in Android, and share some (very reusable) lessons from an app in the marketplace.


  • Introduce how android gets location data (GPS, Network, Wifi), and how it exposes it
  • What are the trade-offs between the different types of location data
  • How to use the location based services effectively in a production quality app

I’ll try to keep it interactive and focus on the areas that the audience cares most about.


A basic understanding of geo-location, ie lat/long, etc
A basic understanding of Android (or any mobile platform, for that matter)

Speaker bio

For this topic: I ran a startup that tried to collect, analyze, and report road traffic info. I built an android app that exercised the Android Location services in different ways, and had to try a bunch of tricks to optimize battery performance.

In general: A technology enthusiast, having worked on many diverse technologies (Networking, Multimedia, Virtualization, Mobile, Location) at companies like VMware, Microsoft, and now at Flipkart.


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