Data Privacy Training Program

Data Privacy Training Program

A 2 day Data Privacy training program accredited by DSCI (a NASSCOM body)



This workshop:
Gives an in-depth, one-shot view of privacy as a domain to people from any background/profession so that they can take this learning to their respective roles.
Follows the curriculum outline of the DSCI Certified Privacy Professional (DCPP) Certification of DSCI. It thereby equips the participant with the requisite foundation and framework of Data Privacy as a domain covering key concepts and necessary inputs so they can prepare for the DCPP Certification Exam.
About the trainers: This workshop will be conducted by Arrka experts, who are experienced and recognised Data Privacy practitioners. For more details, visit
• The DCPP certification exam is conducted online by DSCI. Candidates must register for the same directly with DSCI and schedule the exam as per their individual convenience after the training program.
• DSCI charges separately for the exam.
Training Material: Participants will receive electronic copies of the Presentation which will be used as part of the Training, a day prior to the workshop.
The official Privacy Book of Knowledge (PBOK) associated with the DCPP certification is issued directly by DSCI when you sign up for the exam. Arrka does not distribute the same.

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