Plug the vulnerabilities - AMA on Mobile Apps Security

AMA on Mobile Apps Security

What are the common mistakes mobile app developers make when creating mobile apps? How do these mistakes make your app vulnerable to attack and abuse? This talk will show how an attacker perceives mobile app security, and how the mobile app environment cannot exist in isolation without considering the security of the API/APP backend as well. Speakers Riyaz Walikar and Riddhi Shree covered:

  1. Definition of security in mobile apps
  2. Top X things developers do, which they should not
  3. What can developers do to improve mobile app (and API) security
  4. Bonus Content - What does a mobile app hacker lab look like
  5. Q&A

Slides for talk are published on:

This talk is followed by an office hours session - a week later - on mobile apps security. Details here: