Anthill Inside 2018

Anthill Inside 2018

On the current state of academic research, practice and development regarding Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Krishna Bhavsar


Know Your Diabetes Risk - Preventive Health through Risk Prediction and Knowledge Base

Submitted Apr 17, 2018

In late 2017 we were wanting to do an academic project in the area of AI/ML. We did a literature review of chronic diseases and found that India is racing to be the Diabetes capital of the world. Then on, the core objective of our study became to predict Diabetes risk of an individual through a prediction module. To augment the prediction module, we trained a text analytics engine with knowledge of various aspects, all symptoms, possible prevention measures and daily management measures about the chronic diseases. This system accepts as input English language questions and replies in kind in human understandable language. We want the system to be made available to the population through Kiosks – KnowYourDiabeticRisk - at various Hospitals, Medical Centers, Public places.


1st Slide
Our literature reivew of chronic diseases and why we chose Diabetes as our primary disease for the study.
2nd Slide
Core Objective of the study
3rd Slide
Data Gathering and ML model creation
4th Slide
Data Preparation/Extraction and Preprocessing
5th Slide
Results of the ML techniques we employed
Variable Importance
AUC curve analysis
6th Slide
Question Answering system
- The challenge
- Building a case for it
7th Slide
Data creation for QnA system
- Manually answers
- Questions diversification using NLP techniques
8th Slide
Training the IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier
9th Slide
Applications of the Kiosk
- Target Consumers
- How it works
- What modules are completed
10th Slide
Future work
- More chronic diseases
- More languages
- Tracking and logging

Speaker bio

Krishna Bhavsar has spent around 10 years working on natural language processing, social media analytics, and text mining in various industry domains such as hospitality, banking, healthcare, and more. He has worked on analysing social media responses for popular television shows and popular retail brands and products. His first commercial Tech publication was released worldwide in November 2017, titled, Natural Language Processing with Python - Cookbook with Packt publishing house, UK. He has also published a paper on sentiment analysis augmentation techniques in 2010 NAACL. He recently created an NLP pipeline/toolset and open sourced it for public use. Krishna completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Data Sciences and Business Administration from Great Lakes Institute, Chennai in December 2017.

Apart from academics and technology, Krishna has a passion for motorcycles and football. In his free time, he likes to travel and explore. He has gone on pan-India road trips on his motorcycle and backpacking trips across most of the countries in South East Asia and Europe.
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