Anthill Inside 2017

On theory and concepts in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Formerly Deep Learning Conf.

Sarath R Nair


From RNN to Attention

Submitted Jun 12, 2017

The motivation and ideas behind RNN to LSTM to Attention Mechanism and wind up with latest trends , along with mathematical ideas of Backpropogation .


The idea of backpropogation remains a mystery to many people and especially to those who wants to gain some intuition about , deriving it by themselves . This talk , focuss on the basic ideas of BackProp and how one can easily extend this to RNN and LSTM . This will be followed by Attention Mechanism in LSTM and current state of the art techniques in Tensorflow .


Basic Knowledge of Deep learning , and Natural Language Processing

Speaker bio

I am Sarath R Nair , working as a Data Scientist from past 2 years. I started exploring Deep Learning by 2014, and now I am mainly focussing on the maths and core concepts behind DL, along with practical experience in DL for NLP , basic Data Modelling and hands on experience in BigData Stack .


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