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Chandrish M


Application Dependency Data Performance Mapping tool - Dynatrace

Submitted Jun 22, 2017

More companies today are adopting cloud services and related technologies like microservices architecture and containerization to build and deliver digital services faster and achieve greater IT agility. Monitoring and managing the performance of these dynamic application environments spanning the cloud and other third-party services is difficult, however, without the right tools. Leveraging an application performance management solution with built-in application dependency mapping tools is one way firms can overcome the challenge of having limited visibility into complex, distributed application environments through Dynatrace.


Dynatrace mapping tools allow you to proactively detect and fix broken or poorly performing components, hot spots, and connection issues anywhere in the application delivery chain. And they make it easier to isolate the root cause of errors, outages, and slow response times—for faster incident resolution and recovery.

The next 15 min is all about,

  1. Dynatrace ? and and how it helps applications to improve their performance ?
  2. Understanding the Monitor transaction service levels and the health of the underlying cloud infrastructure through dynatrace ?
  3. Understand how resources are being consumed in order to optimize resource utilization ?
  4. Make informed decisions about streamlining workflows and scaling your deployment ?

Speaker bio

Chandrish currently a Sr. Cloud consultant at SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd. He has about 4+ years of experience in CLOUD/ERP domain. He completed his Engineering from Anna Univerity-chennai.



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