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Saad Nasser


AI in self driving vehicles - a practitioner's perspective

Submitted Jul 22, 2017

Ati Motors is creating an autonomous cargo vehicle, and uses machine learning extensively in its autonomy stack - from perception, object detection and tracking, to driving policy. The talk will take a breadth first approach to the problem space rather than focusing on any one particular area. The objective is to familiarise the audience with the range of real life applications within a single product context.


The talk will cover

  • Vision - CNNs and more
  • Driving policy - A good candidate for reinforcement learning
  • Data collection and quality challenges
  • Simulators - transfer learning
  • Engineering challenges - performance, storage

Speaker bio

Saad Nasser is a co-founder at Ati Motors. He is an engineering prodigy who dropped out from school at age 10 to pursue his own education. He has recently turned 15 and handles technology at Ati where he works across autonomy, power electronics and vehicle design.


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