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Robert Mitwicki


Decentralised Authentication

Submitted Jun 9, 2022

This presentation focuses on decentralised authentication and how a decentralised key management infrastructure, providing self-certifying identifier (SCID) issuance underpinned by one-way cryptographic functions, can offer information uniqueness from captured entropy. Furthermore, a decentralised authentication system must be ledger-agnostic, with its identifiers being interoperable across ecosystems, platforms, and networks.

What is “Decentralised authentication”?

Data provenance refers to the tracing and recording of the origin of data and its movement between locations. If digital data is tamper-proof (i.e. provable to have not been corrupted after its creation), it can be assumed to be authentic. Data authentication focuses on timestamping data inputs at index time, determining each event as factual. That definition also underpins the concept of decentralised authentication, the only difference being that the decentralised version is specific to distributed data ecosystems.

Decentralised authentication describes a key management methodology of cryptographically binding SCIDs to an associated log that compiles the history of all uses or changes to the public/private key pair, ensuring verifiable identifier provenance throughout any ambient infrastructure. Immutable ordering guarantees the factual authenticity of the recorded event underpinning any systematic data input. Furthermore, all system identifiers must remain network-agnostic, enabling identifier interoperability within and across any distributed data ecosystem.

Decentralised authentication provides a powerful solution for identifier interoperability, data provenance, data-intensive event streaming, and event sourcing applications.

Short presenter bio
Introducing Robert Mitwicki, a true pioneer in decentralised core utility technologies

Robert Mitwicki is Head of the Technology Council at The Human Colossus Foundation, a non-profit technological organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland, and Chief Technology Officer at MeDDEa Solutions AG, a Dynamic Data Economy (DDE) consultancy and service provider based in Basel, Switzerland. He is the inventor of Trusted Digital Assistant (TDA), a software interface component that provides a way to look at and interact with information in distributed data ecosystems. His reputation as a decentralised technology expert and innovator stems from high-level software design decisions that continue to shape the DDE.


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