Data Brokers and Consequences for Personal Data

Privacy regulations and implementations

In the U.S., there are multiple categories of data brokers: marketing and advertising firms creating dossiers on people, brokers working on fraud prevention, and people search sites that collect, post and share your age, home address and other details to both paying and sometimes non-paying customers. Although there are protections in place for, say, inaccurate data that affects your credit, people search sites are vastly unregulated. Even in states that offer some protection (Vermont and California) still have many exemptions in place, leaving people on their own to try to scrub their own data.

This talk will delve a little deeper into how data brokers work, how to try to mitigate their impact, and the challenges still left.

About the speakers: Yael Grauer is an investigative tech reporter based in Phoenix, Arizona. She has covered online privacy and security, digital freedom, hacking and mass surveillance for Ars Technica, The Intercept, WIRED, Motherboard, Slate, Wirecutter, OneZero and other publications. Yael has co-organized events and spoken on panels about digital security, source protection, ethics, and more.

Ginny Fahs is a software engineer, social entrepreneur, and digital rights activist. She works on consumer privacy R&D at Consumer Reports Digital Lab, prototyping tools that help consumers meaningfully exercise their data rights. Previously she wrote code at Uber and was a Tech Policy Fellow at the Aspen Institute.

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How CCPA regulations impact Data Brokers

How CCPA regulations impact Data Brokers

Yael Grauer, investigative tech reporter

28 minutes20 November 2020

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