Is your privacy intact?

Behavioural nudges to improve data privacy consciousness

IntAct is a pioneering research initiative focused on the behavioural aspects of data privacy in India and Kenya. Our goal is to test ways to nudge users to make privacy conscious decisions and whether adopting user-centric privacy practices gives businesses a competitive advantage.

We tested our nudges - like privacy rating meter and cool down period - in an online experiment against a control group with the aim to see impact on comprehension of the privacy policy and the willingness to share data. In the session, the IntAct team will share the results from our experiments. We will further dive into the possibilities these findings present for regulators, businesses and service providers to improve privacy practices and help build a stronger data privacy environment in developing economies.

WIP version of the study’s findings are here -

We seek feedback from the developers, product managers, data security professionals and public policy community on the applicability of our behavioural interventions in the real world. Your inputs will further strengthen our recommendations to help make privacy practices more user-centric.

  1. How have privacy practices of online platforms and businesses evolved over the last few years? What are the biggest challenges for businesses?
  2. What best practices should be adopted to improve the data privacy environment in India?
  3. Do businesses believe better privacy practices which signal user centricity can help garner more consumer trust and loyalty?
  4. Can the trade-off between better privacy practices and gains from different uses of data ever tip towards the side of privacy?
  5. How can IntAct’s experiments be tweaked to be successfully adopted by service providers and businesses? We seek advice on specific nudges and their implementation in the real world - what would you keep or change and why.

Participation: Register to participate via Zoom. Zoom link will be shared one day before the event. Or, watch the livestream on this page.

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IntAct is a pioneering research initiative focused on the behavioural aspects of data privacy. We are the outcome of a shared vision between behavioural science specialists, the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics and the Centre for Social and Behaviour Change (CSBC) with support from Omidyar Ne… more