50p proposals for round the year

50p proposals for round the year

A conference on India's payments ecosystem by HasGeek

Submit proposals on:

  • Technology challenges

    • Integration of payment services (UPI, BharatQR, RuPay, AePS)
    • Handling failed transactions and offline transactions
    • CDN and building infrastructure to scale
    • Handling failures and breaches; redressal and response mechanisms
    • Web standards for payments (Chrome payments API, Status code 402)
  • Interoperability of payment methods

    • Building PoS terminals to maximize acceptance
    • Interchange and exchange fees
  • Wallets, payment banks

    • Scope for innovation and Over The Top (OTT) services
    • Catching up to banking (Deposits, savings schemes, lending)
    • Closed loop, semi-loop and open-loop wallets
    • Authentication, security and fraud detection
  • Credit & debit cards, IMPS and contactless payments

    • New technology in payments
    • Contactless payments (NFC, MSFT)
  • Payments by design in infrastructure

    • Transit cards
    • NFC payments
    • Building better infrastructure and handling scale
    • Adoption issues of transit cards
    • IoT in payments: vending machines, fuel pumps, toll booths etc
  • Security and authentication

    • KYC requirements, process and tech stack
    • Security vs convenience
    • PCI Compliance: Myths and Facts
    • Data security and protection
    • Fairness, Accountability and Transparency for ML in transaction data
    • Preventing bias in data driven decision making
    • Tackling socially engineered attacks, phishing and spoofing
    • Compliance, bank mandates, ISO certifications on the cloud
  • Building payment products and business models

    • Just in Time lending
    • Payment bots and automated payments
    • Credit based on alternative lending data
    • P2P lending
    • Cross border payments and remittances
    • Escrow services
    • Recurring billing and subscriptions
    • Building business models for Value Added Services
    • Using AI and ML in FinTech
    • Credit monitoring and personal finance

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

  • Technology challenges

    • Scaling with blockchain
    • Interoperability of tokens and coins
    • Designing systems to handle price surges
    • Distributed databases
    • Ripple (RTXP vs RTGS), Hyperledger (Distributed ledgers and supply chain management) and digital asset management
    • Digital identity
    • Remittances and escrow
  • Building products and business models

    • Increasing user adoption and developing consumer awareness
    • Cryptocurrencies in brick and mortar stores
    • Building with distributed consensus technologies
    • Where to use blockchain?
    • Scaling challenges and optimizing transaction costs
    • Hardware wallets and software wallets
    • Financial inclusion and serving the underserved
    • Invoice discounting
    • Scope for innovation in blockchain based products
    • Blockchain in the enterprise
    • Blockchain on the cloud
    • Blockchain for distributed storage
  • Investments and alternate lending methods

    • P2P lending and investments
    • ICOs, alt-coins and investments
    • Microlending
  • Grievance redressal, Security and Authentication

    • Security and safety of exchanges
    • Anonymous payments
  • Regulation and policy

    • Navigating the blockchain consortia
    • Regulating ICOs and token sale
    • Navigating the Indian regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies


  • Building products and services:

    • Cross border fund transfer and escrow services
    • Remittances and clearing houses
    • Central billing services
    • Using technology as an enabler for inclusion
    • Building banking products (cardless EMIs, deferred payments etc)
    • Reaching marginalized, traditionally unbanked communities
    • Lessons from blockchain in openness
  • Technology challenges

    • Challenges in IT deployment
    • Overview of RTGS, NEFT - comparison to IMPS, UPI etc
    • Direct Beneficiary Transfer - Challenges
    • Security of banking systems
    • Is compliance and regulations limiting scope for innovation in banking?
    • Products based on using alternate consumer data
    • Onboarding challenges - building for next billion
    • Fully digital banking: dream to reality
  • Security, authentication and scaling

    • Data analytics and fraud detection
    • Fairness, Accountability and Transparency in ML/DL
  • History of banking

Payments space in India

  • Regulatory challenges

    • Increasing consumer participation - activated citizens
    • Understanding regulations - Policy 101
    • Framing regulations - Fin Tech policy wish list
    • Lessons from South East Asia - building scalable payment products
  • Technology challenges

    • Building interoperable system
    • Acceptance mechanisms
    • Adoption of cloud and distributed technology stacks
    • Future technology roadmap
    • Localization and accessibility of digital products

This funnel is open round the year for meetups and smaller conferences in different cities. Submit right away!

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50p, formerly an annual conference held in 2017 and 2018 on digital payments - is turning into round-the-year forum for conversations and collaborations on the #payments ecosystem, and associated #fintech topics. Follow 50p on Twitter. more

Hosted by

50p, formerly an annual conference held in 2017 and 2018 on digital payments - is turning into round-the-year forum for conversations and collaborations on the #payments ecosystem, and associated #fintech topics. Follow 50p on Twitter. more