50p 2018

50p 2018

India's first independent conference on payments and the payment ecosystem

Abhishek Balaji

@booleanbalaji Proposing

UPI enable your app in minutes

Submitted Nov 26, 2017

You’ve worked hard to create an awesome experience for your customers in your app. But you know that the payment experience is sub-optimal. It’s time to change that. With UPI, you can now reduce friction in the payments process where it (almost) looks invisible. In this workshop, we show you how.


  1. Talk + Q&A on how what is UPI, how it works and what you can do with it. Deep dive into the APIs, best practices. [~ 1 hour]
  2. Work from product spec to fully working UPI implementation. (With hands on help from the Juspay team)
    1. Plugging UPI into your stack [a few minutes]
    2. Designing flows [a few minutes]
    3. Integrating APIs [a few minutes]
  3. Show and tell of what was built + Q&A + tips [~ 1 hour]

Speaker bio


  1. Dilip Jain
  2. Harsharanga Patil


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