50p 2017

50p 2017

A conference about India's digital payments ecosystem.

Yeshwanth kumar


Blockchain Development - Lets build a remittance/bank exchange platform on top of ethereum

Submitted Oct 15, 2016

Blockchain space is changing rapidly with various usecases, tons of blockchain implementations are coming up almost everyday. This talk involves a hands-on demo, it will cover about the development of a decentralized application, a remittance/banking platform on top of ethereum. Areas the talk would touch upon are the client side javascript implementation(meteor app), setting up multi-node private ethereum cluster, connecting to test/main nets, writing smart contracts with solidity, deploying a DAO and other smart contracts onto the network, working with truffle and a full deployment and demo of the dapp on the cloud. Folks who are attending the talk will be able to start developing dapps right away on top of ethereum. This talk would demystify blockchain implementations and help developers understand the ecosystem and start building blockchain systems.


  1. Introduction to blockchain
  2. Introduction to walther & CoinBank admin dapp
  3. Setting up ethereum blockchain private 3-node setup - Getting used to geth.
  4. Introduction to truffle — A blockchain framework to build dapps
  5. Solidity — Writing smart contracts
  6. Deploying smart contract onto the blockchain
  7. Onboarding the user onto the CB-Exchange service
  8. Transfer tokens to another user.
  9. Exploring more usecases
    [Full working demo along with code]

Speaker bio

I’m Yeshwanth Kumar, a polyglot programmer with interests in cloud automation and orchestration. A DevOps Engineer at Axelerant Technologies, currently building a developer platform, with the focus on automating stateful applications. I’m a huge blockchain enthusiast and have been working in implementing Blockchain PoCs for various companies. Recently I was part of the team which was building a loyalty points platform on top of ethereum. I have previously worked on integrating Blockchain As A Service into a cloud platform with Eris.



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