VueBLR #27 Meetup

Vue Meetup group event for India

Welcome to 27th VueBLR meetup and 3rd remote meetup.

Join the meetup via Zoom on or via Youtube Live on

1. What topics will be discussed?
This meetup is about VueJS and the emerging ecosystem.

2. Who should attend this meetup

  1. You are new to frontend / frameworks, e.g.
    • Backend engineers
    • Folks working with jQuery
    • Folks working on Angular/React and are keen to explore Vue
  2. You are about to start a new project, such as
    • Working in a start-up where you want to quickly experiment with things (Vue is an easy-to-pick front-end framework with documented ways of doing common things.)
    • Working in a large company and evaluating Vue
  3. You’re already working on Vue, and want to connect with like-minded people

3. Who should speak at this meetup?
We encourage women speakers, and first-time speakers. We also offer mentorship and prio preparation for talks.

4. Format of the meetup
Two talks - of either 25 mins or 40 mins duration - with show-and-tell. The meetup will with a Birds of Feather (BOF) session.

Contact details: write to or DM @VueBLR




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