Conversations on Surveillance

Setting the politico-legal context for surveillance technologies

The use of mass scale as well as individuated surveillance as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic has raised serious cause for concern. Seen as pervasive, and invasive, the deployment of surveillance technology has stoked the ever raging debate on monitoring versus privacy. In this new context of surveillence being deployed for public health, rather than the Big Brother-esque political surveillance of citizens, there are a different set of challenges: political, legal, and technical.

This session will be a conversation between Lawrence Liang and Sanjay Bhangar, moderated by Alok Hisarwala, followed by a Q&A session.

Who should participate:

  1. Researchers, teachers and students of technology and humanities disciplines.
  2. Lawyers collectives and advocacy groups who deal with surveillance and related rights.
  3. Tech start ups
  4. Journalists

Participation: Join via Zoom: or watch the livestream on this page and post comments.

About the speakers:
Lawrence Liang is a teacher at the School of Law, Governance and Citizenship, Ambedkar University, Delhi.

Sanjay Bhangar works at Development Seed, on open source geospatial data projects. His background includes web and geospatial data, and his interests range from data privacy and anonymization, to the intersection of software and politics.

Alok Hisarwala is a lawyer and an animal rights activist.

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