Society track of The Goa Project 2016

Nivas Ravichandran

How social media helped during Chennai floods

Submitted Dec 30, 2015

To show how Social Media was leveraged by several Chennaites to help the affected. It would act as a good example of how one could solve a crisis with the help of Social Media.


In 2015, Chennai experiences one of its worst and the most costliest natural disasters due to the heavy rainfall and flooding in December 2015. Never in the memory has Chennai experienced something so catastrophic, where even the connectivity between people had been cut off completely for so long.

The talk will be about the different campaigns and efforts conducted by Chennaites & folks all around the world on Social Media which helped improve the situation and provide rescue and relief efforts to the affected. This was an extremely important moment for the individuals to realise the importance of Social Media.

Speaker bio

Nivas Ravichandran - Product Marketing | Freshdesk
Nivas Ravichandran is associated with Freshdesk (A cloud-based customer support software funded by Google) as the Product Marketer. With Freshdesk, he handles the Product Marketing strategy for the Service Desk Platform Freshservice.

He is also an extremely active IEEE volunteer and has organised more than 150+ events. He is the Region 10 (APAC) Young Professionals Coordinator for 2016 and the Vice-Chair of All IEEE Young Engineers’ Humanitarian Challenge. A very Social Media savvy person, enthusiastic about startups and products. A graphic designer by interest and also loves to speak at public forums.


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