Society track of The Goa Project 2016

Cheelu Chandran


Gratitude Attitude and Life's Purpose

Submitted Dec 29, 2015

The talk will bring about a transformation in the way we think and look at life through:
a deeper insight into our minds and the essence of ‘me’
bringing clarity into what we all are here for..our life’s purpose
knowing how to live practically in the now and the difference between the now and instant gratification
being aware that we are our own heroes, limiting factors and our own source of infinite potential


There will be an introduction, a brief overview of what talk is about, an interactive exercise with the audience. A leaf from my personal journey told in story form. Details about what gratitude actually means, what exactly entails life’s purpose. The talk will be interactive and peppered with real life stories and incidents and will end with affirmations and techniques to use in daily lives and a happy dance.


The participants need to bring an open mind, a pen and note pad

Speaker bio

I have been a psychotherapist for more than 15 years. I have been a trainer and have conducted training sessions for communities and leading hospitals in Mumbai. I am currently a life coach and have founded my own organisation called DeBox.
I have been a performer. I have presented papers at the World Congress of Alternative Medicine and have been awarded the title of Professor.
I have had very challenging life experiences spanning over 20 years that have made me question the value of my existence in this world, my life purpose. In order to rediscover myself I have done intense soul searching and research and have come up with my own set of life skills which will not be found in any one place.
In short I walk the talk and will share only what I have used and continue to use in my life.


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