Music & Sound

The Music track of The Goa Project 2016

Karan Sajnani


Music - A universal rhythm : Uses and applications

Submitted Jan 15, 2016

1.A deeper understanding & appreciation of music & sound
2.Explore vast possibilities of utlising music across various fields
3.Perhaps inspiration to incorporate rhythm and harmony into life


Sound is a fundamental aspect of life. We know its effect from our experience. But is there more behind the thin veil of delicate melodies interwoven with harmony that bring so much joy into ourlives? This talk will attempt to peek behind the curtain at the core principles of sound & life, and how closely we are related to it.
We’ll be touching upon the uses of music & sound in the fields of healthcare, environmental support, spiritual empowerment, fitness, society and more. Drop by for this talk to get a different perspective on sound and to understand the vast potential of how we can benefit from it’s conscious use.


Projector, Laptop, Screen

Speaker bio

A musician at heart, Karan is a practitioner of spiritual empowerment though music. He heads ‘Satori- Music for Bliss’, a platform for study, research and practice of music & sound based on ancient Indian science.
He has been involved in numerous research projects, with medical colleges such as SDM, JSS, KLE and I-AIM, related to healthcare, specifically-neuroscience and sound. He has worked extensively with children on the Autism spectrum using music and integrative methods.
Satori works across a variety of fields from environmental projects working with agriculture, animal shelters to healthcare, integrative medicine, fitness, preventive healthcare, academics, live performance and yogic empowerment.
His main education has been living with his spiritual Guru Sri.A.S Harish for 7 years in practice of the science of Kriya Yoga; during this period he learned about the subtleties of music and sound based on the ancient samaveda. Using this fundamental knowledge, he aims to share these treasures with the world through his work.
He is also an adept instrumentalist on the Guitar, Didgeridoo and Hang drum and regularly tours the country for live performances.
As an entrepreneur, he is the founding partner of Satori-Healthcare; a transdisciplinary centre for internal and physical empowerment in Goa.


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