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Fringe Topics and Geekery Track of The Goa Project 2016

Rewriting Mythology for present Day India


aditya kv


Mythology has a great impact in the cultural development of the society. The stagnation of the mythological endeavour brings about societal dysfunction. Indian mythology has been rewritten multiple times to suit the societal needs and reflects the time we live in.


In a dynamic society whose values are changing by the moment,mythology has been in constant flux. Today we want to set our Mythologics gods and heroes in stone and hence pave the way to destroy the every essence of the ancient fabric that has been woven through time. Epics such has Ramayana and Mahabharata have been rewritten to suit more contemporary values and ideas but today we want to ensure that our characters stay in that age and time while the world moves forward. let us view the mythological world through the lenses contemporary values.


An open mind and having an ability to differentiate between Mythology and Religion

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I find myself working multiple sectors an in multiple roles. At the base i specialise in consumer psychology and strategy.
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