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Of Legends and Tall-tales


Devanshi Shah


A presentation of the evolution and the diffirent visualizations Utopia’s and legendary lands, across time and using different mediums.


Is the creation of fantasy worlds really a recent development? Does it differ in different parts of the world? There are infinite places that have never existed in reality, but where many fictional adventures that have take place there, adventures which have gotten our hearts racing and our blood pumping. With these stories are fantastical lands which get built in the human mind, but do all of them look the same. Some things are canon, others are cultural, but it all makes an interesting story to tell, and creates spaces we will never be able to visit.

The idea of the talk is to present different examples of “prefect” worlds and the “legends” they create, using visual examples, which will, hopefully be followed by an interesting discussion.


Laptop and screen to show a few images.

Speaker bio

Devanshi spent most for her childhood lost in worlds built in science fiction, fantasy and graphic novels. After seven years of being confronted with reality, five while studying and two while practicing Architecture, in the city of Mumbai, she chose to escape once again into textually built realities. With this voyage she hopes to be able to merge the worlds she is a part of, while persisting in her extensive use of social media as a means of expression.

She dabbled in the arts and did a quick stint as a Curatorial Associate, but has since taken her curatorial expression to the streets and insists on judging a book by its cover!