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gayatri rao


Let us Talk Evil

Submitted Jan 18, 2016

The aim of the talk will briefly look at different theories & studies related to evil and aim to draw on common themes towards action to stop ‘evil’.
To look into mechanisms of how evil gets perpetuated we may also start looking at our own acts – if we are abetting or abating evil


Common notions hold that it needs psychopaths, sadists who lack morality to give into acts that are evil. It is also safe to assume that most of us will not engage in acts of brutality. Yet studies trying to link psychopaths to violent crimes are not able to explain a vast majority of violent crimes. Various estimates say that only 10%-15% of violent criminals exceed the psychopathy cut-offs. Then the question remains - who does evil? Experience shows that perfectly ‘good’ or normal people can turn into committing brutal acts and abetting evil. Perhaps, we would be more justified to ask ‘what, not who, does it take for an act of evil?



Speaker bio


I work with Thoughtworks as a Business Analyst. My resume fills with particulars of few years of various tech related roles. The usual engineer+MBA education. Bit of a sabbatical to generally travel about. Countless open browser tabs are my current reading backlog.


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