Fringe and Geekery

Fringe Topics and Geekery Track of The Goa Project 2016

Nitika Agarwal


​­ FOSS : What’s the Fuss About?

Submitted Dec 26, 2015

The workshop aims at introducing the audience to the world of FOSS and help them in picking up their first project no matter what their background has been in this domain as of now. The workshop will focus not only on developers, but also motivate the ones not into coding and development by introducing opportunities in design, documentation and outreach.
The speakers will discuss their involvement and experience in FOSS, its impact and help with step by step guidelines on how to start with one’s first project.



  1. Introduction to FOSS
    1.1. What is FOSS?
    1.2. Why FOSS?
    1.3. Free vs Proprietary software
  2. Our experiences
  3. Steps to contribute
  4. Statistics displaying growth and involvement in FOSS
  5. An interactive hands-on session on an open-source technology - “Version Control using git”
  6. Career Opportunities in FOSS
    6.1. Benefits
  7. Questions and Answers/ Offline Discussion


Our program is open to anyone who:
1. Is interested in gaining knowledge about FOSS
2. Is willing to contribute to FOSS but needs some help to start


We are a team of two applying for this workshop. My other team member’s details:
Name: Ankita Shukla


Laptop(not mandatory)

Speaker bio

Ankita is a Computer Science senior undergraduate and an active contributor to open source and has worked on a project “Collaborative Spelling Dictionary”, with the Wikimedia Foundation.

Nitika is a final year undergraduate pursuing bachelors in Computer Engineering and an enthusiast open source contributor.


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