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This year (2016) The Goa Project features a separate track on Entrepreneurship.

Any form of Entrepreneurship is not easy. But there are specific sectors that are more challenging than the others. If you are trying to build a sustainable organization in a difficult and / or unglamorous market, this is a great opportunity to show case it to the world. Please come and share your success stories, failures, learnings and experiences.

Some examples (but not limited to) are:

  1. Creative entrepreneurs in design / performing arts / social impact space

  2. Consumer facing business that is self-sustainable and profitable

  3. Sectors like infrastructure, waste management, renewable energy, engineering, agri-food..

  4. The tragedy of the commons

  5. Useful technologies that require behavioural change / have poor adoption curves..

  6. Developing markets outside India

  7. Difficult to monetize sectors such as music or entertainment

  8. Any thing else and more..

The emphasis is not really on the sector or even the problem-opportunity-solution. Tell us how you are cracking the challenges of adoption, sustainability and scalability. Even if it is Work in Progress, there is a lot we can all learn from you.

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The Goa Project Funnel The Goa Project is an unconference - where unlike a typical conference, the talks are not put together by a panel or knowledge partner - but is proposed by the attendees themselves. You propose a session or talk that might be of interest to the audience at the unconference, a… more

Vijay Anand

@vijayanands Proposing

Money, Money, Money How to get funding for virtually anything

Submitted Feb 5, 2016

How to raise capital no matter what kind of initiative you are kickstarting.


The world has diversified away from just starting businesses and NGOs. Today, with the emergence of new business models, there are plenty of initiatives that dont strictly fit in the equity vs debt debate; they lie in spectrums between.

Speaker bio

Mahesh Murthy


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