The Entrepreneurship related track of The Goa Project 2016

Deepta Arjun


Enabling rapid behavior change through focus on commonality

Submitted Jan 18, 2016

While newer attitudes, behaviors and technologies are being introduced in various communities, the majority of them either take a really long time to sustain and thrive or they simply wither over time. To ensure the sustainability of anything new requires an attitudinal shift towards adoption. This behavorial transition becomes easier and quicker when customized and inclusive training is designed and delivered by understanding the need of the communities and finding the right path for it. Despite the wide range in human tendencies, certain elements of commonality remain. This panel aims to use a panel discussion amongst experts to highlight and find ways to better utilize the common behavioral tendencies which we share to enable scalable sustainable social change.


The session will look at the important questions and challenges in adapting newer facets of growth and the possible answers/solutions to them. Looking at the general background of organiations and sighting success vs. failure. It will be open to discussion for participants to ask specific questions related to their organizatin or work life.


  1. Active Listening
  2. An open Mind
  3. Lots of Questions (Even if we can’t answer them in the discussion, we can always take them offline during Evevning Performances :P)

Speaker bio

Over the last 11 years I have worked on behavioral change training with a variety of people. On one hand I’ve worked with urban young people in the BPO sector in India to senior Bhuddhist monks in Myanmar. Having worked on both sides of the social, financial and educational divides I can see that despite our evident differences, it is what we have in common that makes us human. My current work focusses on finding effective ways to enable sustainable, scalable positive social change by leveraging on shared behavioral tendencies.


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