Interactive Media and Cinema

Interactive Media and Cinema track of The Goa Project 2016

Abhishek Nilamber


Indian independent films - the future

Submitted Dec 30, 2015

The objective of this FGD is to figure out the way forward for independent films produced in India and it’s future.


Indian independent films are a new breed. One feels that these fresh stories just tore through the autocracy of ‘masala formula movies’ to gather awards and acclaim across the world. But yet, noone seems to have been able to tame or even understand this emerging genre.
Not the government, not the ‘industry-experts’, nor the TRP, none of them have any grip on the movement and motion of alternate stories being told. Nobody but us, the audience, can and would decide which direction will this movement take.
There are many challenges ahead of the independent film industry - content, funds, audience, distribution, exhibition space etc, all of which will be open to discussion here.

Speaker bio

I am an installation artist, graphic designer and screenwriter, now based out of Kochi. I run a company called Popup Talkies, we screen alternate Indian films at alternate spaces. I have organised screenings across Pune, Goa, Delhi and Berlin. We are soon launching a new initiative called Backyard Screening, in collaboration with an artist-run space called Backyard Civilization, which will be a short-films-based open community screening.


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