Interactive Media and Cinema

Interactive Media and Cinema track of The Goa Project 2016

Dhimant Parekh


How the art of story-telling can be used to drive large-scale impact

Submitted Jan 12, 2016

To understand how we have been using the art of story-telling and have changed thousands of lives for good.


We run a digital media startup called The Better India ( that has been reporting ‘positive stories’ from across India. We’ve been witnessing unprecedented on-ground impact for the stories we’ve been publishing and have hundreds of case studies of such impact. Would love to share these insights at The Goa Project.

Speaker bio

Dhimant is the cofounder of The Better India - India’s largest and fastest-growing positive news platform. His love for building technology led projects and startups in general turned into something absolutely meaningful the day he decided to give shape to The Better India. An author & erstwhile theatre artist - Dhimant is also an alumnus of ISB and a Computer Science Engineer. Currently, he is leading the Business Strategy at TBI and running long distance marathons.



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