The Goa Project 2018

The Goa Project 2018

madhu vadlamani


Me, Data and society

Submitted Sep 20, 2018

Data is the most valuable thing ever and society is connected with data. But Im as data scientist… I’m more concerned about it too as most of the data flown has less facts and more falsE and this is reflecting society/people got worried and worse(at times)

This session says facts and let people know how they can change it for better results
Key takeaway are

1) how can data help
2) how can we link good and ideal data even without no tools


Will be shared but I would prefer a interactive session rather than a pot show


I only request audience to come with open clean mind

Speaker bio

A data scientist / mentor trainer / love people/love to help people

Also.. A speaker in the goa project 2017


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