Pravash Dey, MBA


Hyper Local Digital Journalism

Submitted Sep 10, 2018

Brand India Studio is a platform for global PR support, Brand Equity & Brand Positioning to progressive businesses, ideas-n-innovations, unplugged with opportunities and conversations. Unceasing business is a resultant of Impactful headlines, advertising, PR & marketing campaign. It’s an every organization’s essential. What is the use of good product/service without the user itself? Brand India Magazine’s team assists hyper local businesses to create an integrated communication strategy with measurable ROI.

We would like to share India’s first decentralised and distributed media platform with all participants and invite them to be a part of our ‘Global Blockchain Media & Entertainment Ecosystem’


Fake news has become a disruptive force in societies around the world.
In India, rumours spread on WhatsApp are widely seen as a key factor in the mob killings. The scale of the problem has led to calls for the government to bring in new legislation and for some of the social and messaging platforms to add new functionality to combat the issue.
The violence has been blamed on rumours of child kidnappings, spread over messaging platforms and social media, which have led people to attack strangers. Media organisations, independent fact-checkers, law enforcement units and citizen-led groups are already devoting more resources to helping audiences understand what news they can trust.

we’ve launched Reality Check- Portfolio Tracker Team, specifically devoted to explaining the facts behind the news and debunking misleading headlines. We are working with various organisation to organise Hack-a-thons and Design Sprints to combact on this issue :)


Laptop, Notebook and Camera (if available)

Speaker bio

Pravash Dey, Disruptor- in- Chief, US India Blockchain Council
Pravash Dey is a serial entrepreneur, mentor and philanthropist (Rotarian). He is the founder of Consulting Leaders Ltd (UK), VC Fund India, StartUp Bus Tour (India), Mobile Technology Park (India) and Enterprise India Foundation (Global). He moved to London in 2005 to pursue his higher education and started his entrepreneurial journey as a founding member of Brunel Entrepreneurs Society at Brunel University. He holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Brunel University, London and has earned Master of Arts (Tourism Administration) in India. He combines his passion for entrepreneurship, technology and strategic digital innovation to help corporate, Go Global. Being part of NACUE, UK he has met and expanded his social capital with more than thousand entrepreneurs including his childhood hero Sir Richard Branson. He has been working on Global Silicon Triangle, a global technology sharing initiative responsible for the exchange of open source software development, sharing and exchange of technical expertise among three most famous hubs for technology companies in America, Europe and Asia i.e. Silicon Valley of California, Silicon Roundabout of London and Silicon Plateau of Bangalore. It aims to create a tech entrepreneurial hub inter-connecting the 3 main technology clusters and assists companies and individuals considering to locate or do business in the Silicon triangle by providing infrastructure support, human resource support and by facilitating introductions to the government and business community. Digital India Hack-a-thon (, ‘Ideation to MVP’ in 36hours, is an initiative taken by him to inspire young developers & designers and bring together entrepreneurs and investors to empower Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign.
He is a next- gen member in UK-India Business Council, StartUp Britain Local Champion for Ealing Borough, Startup World’s India Ambassador, TED campaigner, and Development Ambassador to The Asian Foundation for Philanthropy. He has won the 2010 Networking champion award at ‘Bright Futures’ organised by Kingston University, London. He was also nominated as the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year, UK’ award in 2010-11 for his contribution to the StartUp Ecosystem in the UK.
He involves himself in ‘Indian Blockchain Council’ ‘USIndia Blockchain Council’ & ‘UKIndia Blockchain Council’ because he believes, “if the world will be an Ecosystem of opportunity then breakthrough ideas can be found anywhere" and wants to create a global entrepreneurial cluster for Start-ups without any border.


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