Tech4Food : Technology Showcase

Tech4Food : Technology Showcase

Digital Technology for the Food Industry

About the meet-up

The second meet-up of Tech4Food focuses on the technology providers. The meet-up brings forth tech-enabled solutions targeted towards process improvement, customer satisfaction and cost optimizations. It also aims to put together instances of core food technology solutions covering the likes of Quality Control, Sustainable production, etc. The event encourages participants to showcase technology that can create a meaningful impact in the Food Industry.

About the meet-up

Visit the RnD facility of Akshayakalpa and have constructive conversations about tech-enabled solutions for the Food Industry.


Interact with Mr Sashi Kumar, Founder and CEO , Akshayakalpa , to understand first-hand the problems faced by the food industry and the space for innovation for the tech companies.

Genesis - Akshayakalpa is a brand known for its organic and traditional farm products, particularly organic milk. They emphasize sustainable and ethical farming practices, providing consumers with high-quality, chemical-free products. Akshayakalpa aims to support local farmers and promote environmentally friendly agriculture. The presentation by the Founder covers the journey of Akshayakapla from the initiation of the brand to it’s current avatar.
Problems - The challenges faced by the team concerning processes and systems at Akshaykalpa for scaling up the business.
Tech Solutions - Summary of the tools deployed by Akshayakalpa to over the problems and the way forward for tech integration for all the Alshaykalpa endeavours.

Also, speaking on the occasion will be Mr. Naveen Philip, AVP , Growth, AuditFlo . He will be sharing a brief presentation about their tool and it’s utility factor for the food industry. The presentation will cover the following

The Product - AuditFlo is an auditing app used for digitizing checklists and conducting audits on-premise. This in turn helps the enterprises towards a better safety and quality standard implementation. It also eases data collation and data interpretation with real-time data gathering. The session will cover a brief rundown of the solution suite offered by Auditflo in general with specifics of implementation for managing challenges for food businesses.

Use Cases - The use cases discussed will cover the operational aspect of the solution covering multi-site data gathering, plug and play nature of the tool and built-in accountability in the tool to name a few. This in turn will help food businesses evaluate the tool and while the tech setup can explore collaboration.

Outcomes from the meet-up

Participants can use this meet-up to solve problems in the food industry by leveraging technology. The meet-up will bring a diverse group of experts from the tech, food, and retail sectors to discuss the challenges facing the fresh food industry, and how technology can be used to address them. The speakers will explore topics circling around food safety. The meet-up is an opportunity for innovative thinkers to collaborate on solutions that will make a real impact.

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