Food Safety Works is India’s leading food safety solutions company based out of Bangalore, India.

Tech4Food is our initiative to build a community of food scientists and IT/computer specialists who understand each other better. India’s prowess in IT and related technologies is now world class. So there is a great opportunity to apply these in the food science, technology and nutrition domain to innovate and get ahead of the world.

Food is a high risk business and technology can play an important in managing the risks. Technologies like Blockchain, AI, IoT and Sensors can help streamline data, provide insights and help in better root causing of issues. Testing of products is critical but the costs of testing are prohibitive and there is an opportunity to reduce the same by developing indigenous and smart technologies. The amount of compute on the devices have gone multi-fold and there are opportunities to improve screening and reporting.

The potential to apply technology to improve the food safety and nutrition is tremendous. To explore this, we starting a quarterly meetup of food scientists, technologists, nutrition specialists and IT/Computer specialists to discuss the problems, and build the next generation solutions that can be used in the food industry. The meetups will also be an opportunity for enthusiasts from outside the domain to understand the industry. If you are building a product, this is a great opportunity to meet with the industry experts to get quick feedback and also pitch in for a potential pilot.

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