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Swapnil Dubey


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Cloud Costs Optimization

Doing Cloud Cost optimization optimally!

Cloud costs are increasing rapidly if we take into consideration only the bill which is charged from Enterprises by the cloud cost provider and obviously everybody wants to reduce it. However, while defining costs, there are much more aspects to be investigated in an Enterprise , rather than just looking at the charges in the bill. For example, time to market for product or product innovations, w… more
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  • 28 Jun 2023

The Fifth Elephant 2014

Advanced Big Data Analytics using Apache Mahout and Giraph

It is difficult to address Graph and machine learning problems using the MapReduce framework. Mostly these problems need multiple iterations of complex algorithms, which can be a little tricky and diffciult to implement in MapReduce. However, there are two frameworks available to address such problems I.e graph and machine learning problems in the Hadoop ecosystem. Apache Giraph is a graph-proces… more
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  • 02 Jun 2014
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