Bangalore Site Speed 5th Edition

Bangalore Site Speed 5th Edition

The 5th edition of Bangalore Sitespeed meetup is here!

Ankit Nayan


Practical Observability 1.x.x

Submitted Feb 26, 2021

  1. What is Observability? The 3 pillars of Observability - Metrics, Traces and Logs
  2. What problems does Prometheus solve and what remains to be done?
  3. Why Distributed Tracing became so important?
  4. How does Jaeger work? Exploring capabilities with example
  5. Running both Prometheus and Jaeger to get metrics + traces. How complex can it go?
  6. How much data are we talking of? Sampling to the rescue
  7. Rise of CNCF project OpenTelemetry, an observability framework for cloud-native software. Why is open-telemetry important? Is it worth the noise?
  8. Pros and cons of using SaaS vs OSS solutions
  9. Demo of using Distributed Tracing to debug applications using SigNoz


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