Sachin Jangid

Sachin Jangid


I am a Software Developer, AI enthusiast with a passion for technology. I have worked extensively in the Software Engineering domain, with startups, for more than 2 years now. Currently, I am a final year student at the University College of Engineering & Technology, Bikaner. I have been applying Software Engineering to a large number of horizons, from Healthcare to Finance to many other domains, both working in the industry and on problems that I am personally passionate about.

My primary focus is to help organizations generate value and revenue by creating much reliable and secure software that can impact the whole world.

I’ve worked as a Remote Software Engineer at iLocalBox, one of the best healthcare startups in California, to make software solutions for patients that can impact their lives in a very good way.

Apart from this, I have been an active Open Source Contributor. I’ve created a developer community on campus as being a Microsoft Student Partner. I have also been an active tech-blogger, writing blogs on Web Development and Machine Learning. I have been into community development and leadership as well, creating and leading technical communities, working with organizations such as Microsoft and Google Developers.

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