May 2023 Rustacean meetup

May 2023 Rustacean meetup

This will be an in person meetup, and we are happy to accept submissions for talks if any.

Anyone interested in Rust is welcomed to join. Please see the submission section for the talks proposed so far. Submissions with focus on industrial/automotive/embedded will be given preference for this meetup.

Please note the below guidelines for the venue.

  • The participants will need to carry their COVID vaccination certificate and just show it to the security before entering the premises. THIS IS COMPULSORY. - There will be parking space available and the security will help with that.
  • The registration will be closed on 24th Wednesday 10PM. Only registered participants will be allowed to the venue. We have to provide a list of participants to Thoughtworks a day before, so please do register well before the mentioned time.
  • Tea/coffee and light snacks will be provided at the venue courtesy of our host Thoughtworks.
  • Precise location of the event: ACR Mansion, G + 3 Floors, 3rd, 147/F, 8th Main Rd, Koramangala 3 Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

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  • Yeswanth Rajakumar

    Rust for Automotive: Empowering Safety, Reliability, and Performance

    The creation of automotive software is only one of the many industries where Rust is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. This session focuses on the important facets of performance, reliability, and safety as it explores Rust’s potent capabilities and significance in the automobile industry. more

    18 May 2023

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A community of rust-lang contributors and end-users from Bangalore. We also have presence on the following telegram channels Twitter handle: more

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