May 2023 Rustacean meetup

May 2023 Rustacean meetup

Yeswanth Rajakumar


Rust for Automotive: Empowering Safety, Reliability, and Performance

Submitted May 18, 2023

The creation of automotive software is only one of the many industries where Rust is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. This session focuses on the important facets of performance, reliability, and safety as it explores Rust’s potent capabilities and significance in the automobile industry.

We will examine the key characteristics and design choices that make Rust the perfect language for use in automotive applications during the talk. Rust addresses important issues with software stability in the context of the automotive industry by placing a heavy emphasis on memory safety, ownership, and concurrency. We will talk about how these features help to reduce typical flaws like data races and null pointer dereferences, thus improving the overall security of automotive systems.

In addition to that we’ll discuss about Rust’s integration possibilities inside the current automotive software ecosystem in addition to its technical advantages. The session will go over topics including code reuse and interoperability with various programming languages that are frequently used in the sector.

Come along as we explore the potential of Rust for Automotive, a programming language that enhances performance, reliability, and safety in the world of automotive software. Learn how Rust can transform your development processes and advance the field of automotive innovation and how we are slowly adopting RUST inside Autonomous Vechicles Team from ThoughtWorks.


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