June 2024 Rustacean meetup

June 2024 Rustacean meetup

This will be an in person meetup, and we are happy to accept submissions for talks, if any.

Anyone interested in Rust is welcomed to join. While we will have no specific agenda, attendees can discuss, speak or ask about

  • Get help or clarification on any specific topic or question
  • Speak about a project or something you are working or looking to work on
  • Share any specific experience on using Rust in any of your projects
  • Discuss any book/topic/library/blog in Rust
  • Want to propose a reading group?
  • Anything Rust

Featured submissions

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  • Sanchayan Maity

    Sanchayan Maity

    QUIC 🤝 GStreamer 🤝 Rust

    This talk will cover QUIC which is a UDP-Based Multiplexed and Secure Transport and standardized in RFC 9000 more

    14 Jun 2024

  • Kartik

    Supporting multi-tenancy and CQRS with diesel

    Diesel doesn’t support multiple connections out of the box or a way to specify a particular schema for a query. This talk describes how to overcome this, and shows the working of a crate called diesel-multiconnection-manager that does this for you. https://github.com/juspay/diesel-multiconnection-manager more

    19 Jun 2024



Indiqube Garden, 4th Floor, Ness Building

Survey No.130, 18th Main, 1st A Cross, 6th Block, Grape Garden

Koramangala, Bengaluru - 560095

Karnataka, IN

Hosted by

A community of rust-lang contributors and end-users from Bangalore. We also have presence on the following telegram channels https://t.me/RustIndia https://t.me/keralars https://t.me/fpncr Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/rustlangin more