February 2024 Rustacean Meetup

February 2024 Rustacean Meetup

Farhan Khan


SurrealKV: A Deep Dive into a versioned, embedded, ACID-Compliant Key-Value Database in Rust

Submitted Jan 16, 2024


This talk delves into the low levels of SurrealKV, a versioned, embedded, ACID-compliant key-value database being developed in Rust.

Key Points

  • Share personal experience building a KV store in Rust language for the first time.
  • Discuss how Rust’s ownership model contributes to the internal data structure.
  • Discuss how Snapshot Isolation is achieved using CoW mechanism.
  • Delve into the implementation of ACID properties in SurrealKV.
  • Discuss ongoing developments.

By the end of this talk, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of SurrealKV’s design and it’s use cases.


Database: https://github.com/surrealdb/surrealdb
SurrealKV: https://github.com/surrealdb/surrealkv
Vart: https://github.com/surrealdb/vart
Me: https://twitter.com/arriqaaq


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