SQL War Stories

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This session is an open discussion of the war stories we have with SQL. Participants from the SQL masterclass will lead the discussion, sharing their experiences and the anti-patterns they have observed.

The session will have:

  1. A presentation from Meera Sundar on some basic yet tricky SQL problems, and how she has approached them differently after the Masterclass.
  2. Aram Bhusal’s presentation on how a small decision on replication methods - the the absence of monitoring - can lead to almost the whole business going blind.
  3. Krace Kumar will open the discussion on SQL hiccups/disasters like table locks while migrations, network failures, corrupted backups, etc.
    Participants can share experiences with:
    a. How their organizations do their migrations and planning (capacity, migration to major versions) to avoid failures.
    b. If there are tools and practices which can help others to avoid common pitfalls.
    c. You are welcome to bring your war stories to the discussion table.

Share them as comments here: https://hasgeek.com/rootconf/sql-war-stories/comments We will include you/your viewpoint in the discussion.

Participation: Zoom link will be shared with registered participants. Or, you can watch the livestream on this page.

Contact details: For inquiries, call 7676332020 or email <info@hasgeek.>com. Follow @rootconf on Twitter or subscribe to https://hasgeek.com/rootconf


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