Rootconf proposals for round the year in 2018

Rootconf proposals for round the year in 2018

On DevOps, security, cloud and IT infrastructure



DevOps - The Bond between Humans and Technology

Submitted Feb 19, 2018

In this talk, I intend to explore the gap between Engineers and Technology. How to re-ignite the passion and make “writing code” a piece of art rather than theoritical knowledge.
Bridging gap between mindset, culture and code is our biggest opportunity, which is precisely the area that I shall cover emphasing on how DevOps has the power and the bond to make it happen


Appreciate diverse minds and understand how they can excel by working together
What it takes as a Engineer and Team to win the Devops race
The difference Devops make to an individual and Industry
Understand whether Devops is about tools or something else
A working demo of a small product to showcase the power of Devops
Arrive at a pragmatic approach to get started with Devops transformation



Speaker bio

Naveen Kumar M
A Automation enthusiast, bitten by the DevOps bug
Presently championing Agile and DevOps transformation in a Fortune 50 organization
Hands-On practitioner and spends enormous time on addressing mindset problems along with technology


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