Akash Saxena, CTPO at Viacomm (and former CTO at Hotstar), will be in conversation with Ankit Bhati, founder at Amnic (and former co-founder and CTO at Ola).

The theme of the chat is creating an SRE playbook for your organization. Over 45 mins, Akash and Ankit will discuss the following aspects of creating the playbook for your organization:

  • For all resources - APIs, Databases, message buses, vendors, and what have you ...
    • Add monitors : What to measure? When is it yellow? When is it red?
    • Create on-calls : You build it. You support it. How to place skin in the game?
    • Add alerts : Let a machine call your on-call. Who must triage and drive incidents?
  • Incident management: institute an incident management protocol.
  • Causality: It is smoking in the chimney, but the fire is in the basement. Logs/dashboards are your friends.
  • Sleep better at night.

In brief, the chat will cover,

  1. Technical aspects in phase 1 - DevOps versus SRE.
  2. The role of Collaboration and Culture.
  3. War stories.

This is an in-person event, hosted at PhonePe (Bellandur).

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This conversation is curated by Sarika Atri, cloud architect and editor of the SRE Conference.

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