Choosing data stores for your business use case

Choosing data stores for your business use case

Hyderabad Elasticsearch users' meetup

Kayalvizhi NoorulAmeen

Data Architecture for Modern Enterprise

Submitted Nov 11, 2019

Synopsis: Modern enterprises anticipate business requirements and work proactively to optimize the outcomes. If they don’t renovate or reinvent their data architectures, they lose customers, and market share. So my talk will be in detailing the importance of data architecture, architectural challenges if is not addressed and a case study - the learnings and success story by fixing the issues at the root - at the data storage & access.

Target Audience: Principal Software engineers & Architects

Key Takeaways: Importance of Modern Data Architecture, PostgreSQL & JSONB


Modern data architecture prioritizes the data consumers over the data sources but the traditional architecture did the reverse way. In the session, I will be covering the following topics.

  1. The Data
  2. The Need for Data Architecture
  3. The Components of Data Architecture for Modern Entriprise
  4. A Modern Enterprise’s Lessons Learnt & its Success Story by fixing th PostGreSQL

Will present the importance of data architecture, how one of the enterprises had struggled with scalability issues, how it had been educated to understand the architectural problem and how they were enabled proactively to support their business by fixing at the data store & architecture

Speaker bio

• Have 14+ years of overall experience with over 4+ years in architecting applications.
• Have a rich breadth of experience and good grip on application architectures considering non-functional areas like resiliency, fault-tolerance, performance, scalability, security, usability etc…and have clarity on what business needs and has ability to transform them to results
• Have passion in being the technology ambassador and coaching engineering excellence to junior engineers.
• Have given good number of technical talks in my current Organisation (Pramati)
• Have strong understanding of the Software design/architecture/data-backed-decision-making processes.
• Proficient in J2EE technologies in web development and has exposure to UI tech stack.
• Expertise in architecting and developing features for enterprise scale systems.
• Capable of coding and beginning an implementation to get a project off the ground




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