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Anandprakash Tandale


Effective integration of devops tools with OpenStack instances using Heat(component of OpenStack) to make desired environment

Submitted Mar 30, 2017

How to make ‘ready to work systems’ for developers, testers and devops people so that whatever they want , they can find when instance will up. Talk is about how to make effective integration of devops tools with OpenStack using heat templates.


Problem we are facing - Many times we require many service up and running to work on system, example developers want git, testers want selenium etc but we will require some time to search and install them. Using following solution we can have systems on OpenStack which will already have desired services up and running so that once we get a system we can directly start working on this.

Solution - Using devops tools like puppet, ansible we can make ‘ready to work systems’ having desired packages and services. By integrating devops tools with OpenStack using heat templates. Example using heat template how can we install mysql using puppet.I will show using heat template how we can install puppet master on one instance and puppet agent on another instance of OpenStack and using these things how we can install mysql and make it up and running before instance is up.

How it is different from already documented process about Heat - People normally use heat for orchestration to make up and running instances over OpenStack. I will talk about how we can install devops tools using heat and using those devops tools how we can install,configure the services over multiple instances

Speaker bio

Anandprakash Tandale(currently working in Red Hat), Have more than 2.5 years of expereience in OpenStack and devops tools


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