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Next Generation File Replication System In GlusterFS

Submitted by Mohammed Rafi (@rafikc13) on Apr 10, 2017

Section: Full talk of 40 mins duration Technical level: Beginner Status: Rejected


chieving availability and correctness, without compromising performance,
is always a challenge in designing new storage replication technologies.
In this presentation, we introduce the next-generation file replication
system in GlusterFS. Server-side replication and a flexible consistency
model enable us to take advantage of faster networks and cover a wide range
of needs, from being a highly available,
highly consistent system, to a high-performance eventually consistent
system depending on your use case.


Speaker bio

I am a C developer presently working on Gluster FS, a distributed file system project at Red Hat. Remote Direct Memory Access(RDMA),volume snapshot, data tiering, replication are some of the areas of Gluster I have actively worked on. Improving the performance of the distributed file system is always a challenge and one that I enjoy doing very much. I follow the latest updates in the opensource world. My last presenation was in Vault-Cambridge about “Next Generation File Replication System In GlusterFS”



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