Culture, Career, Evolution: looking ahead at Platform vs SRE vs DevOps

Culture, Career, Evolution: looking ahead at Platform vs SRE vs DevOps

A closer look at how Myntra does it; understanding the emerging opportunities for career growth in engineering teams.



Rootconf SRE conference in November 2023 opened up a pandora’s box about SRE vs DevOps vs Platform Engineering - what do these roles mean to engineers? What is the impact of these functions in different phases of an organization’s growth?

📍Myntra, Bangalore

We will learn from Myntra’s experience - how the engineering team focuses on career progression - not number of people, but the quality of work and impact. The speakers will share how Myntra’s engineering team has evolved, and clarify the confusion around roles like DevOps, SRE, platform engineers, etc, and what they mean for Myntra’s engineering function.

The event is open to all to attend.

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Ashutosh Sharma is Director of Engineering at Myntra
Varadarajan Krishnan is SRE Manager at Myntra
Vivekanand is Associate Director at Myntra


  • Evolution of teams in Myntra.
  • What type of teams were built first; how did this grow - with reference to the platform built across Flipkart and Myntra.
  • Responsibilities of these teams and how the responsibilities have evolved.
  • Where are the challenges/failure points in the collaboration and shipping of features between these teams and roles?
  • What is the northstar of Myntra’s SRE/DevOps/Platform organization?
  • Insights on hiring for engineering skills and responsibilities vis-a-vis learning on the job? What are the aspirations of engineers in these teams; and their challenges?


This is an in-person meet-up - talk + BOF. In-person participation is free. Live stream and recording of the meet-up is available only for Rootconf members.


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Myntra Office

6th floor auditorium

Bellandur Railway Station Rd, Kadubeesanahalli,

Bengaluru - 560103

Karnataka, IN

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