Building products for scale

Building products for scale

Scaling from First Principles

About the session:

How do large organizations build products keeping scale in mind from the very beginning? How is that process different from building products at a startup?

Welcome to the fourth episode of “Scaling from first principles” series. In this episode, we have Ajey Gore from Sequoia Capital, Majot Pahwa, Product Manager at Stripe, and Puneet Khanduri, CEO of sn126.

Panelists will share insights from their experience of building products for scale at Stripe, Google, Twitter and Go-jek, and from their own startup journeys.

About the panelists:

Ajey Gore is Operating Partner at Sequoia Capital. Previously, he was Group CTO at Gojek.

Manjot Pahwa is Product Manager at Stripe. Previously, she was Product Manager at Google, responsible for new product development, strategy and execution for Kubernetes and Kubernetes Engine Networking.

Puneet Khanduri is the CEO of sn126. Earlier, he lead the development of machine learning infrastructure and AI services at Twitter.

This series is curated by Anand Chitipothu.

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Building products for scale

Building products for scale

Moderator: Anand Chitipothu; Panelists: Ajey Gore, Manjot Pahwa, Puneet Khanduri

1 hour18 February 2021

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