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Rootconf Container Orchestration Series

This series of AMA conversations aim to pull the curtain from the behind the scenes work that goes on in making what Kubernetes is today, an incredible piece of orchestration software that translates decades of operational excellence into a platform.

Who are we speaking with: We will be speaking with two pillars of the Kubernetes community - one, the contributors and maintainers who tirelessly work towards pushing out features and releases while ensuring backwards compatibility; two, the practitioners who battle test this platform in production under the extreme duress of modern scale.

In the first session, Nabarun Pal, Kubernetes Contributor, will talk about overcoming the barriers to contribute to Kubernetes. The AMA will cover:

  1. What are the major areas/Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that new contributors flock to?
  2. Community involvement ratio.
  3. Process of contribution.

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Participation: is via Zoom meeting. Or you can watch the livestream here. This is an ongoing discussion. Add questions/comments for further discussion on this topic.

About the curators: Joy B. aka Hashfyre and Ashwin Murali are the curators of the Container Orchestration related community efforts under Rootconf.

Contact details: For queries, call 7676332020 or write to


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AMA with Nabarun Pal on Community Contribution to Kubernetes

AMA with Nabarun Pal on Community Contribution to Kubernetes

Nabarun Pal, in conversation with Hashfyre and Ashwin Murali

1 hour10 September 2020

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